Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to the dungeon

Hi everybody! (just pretend I'm Dr. Nick.) I created this blog as a way to showcase my obsession with hobby gaming and miniature making. I also seem to find myself playing all the latest games before they are cool. So I thought it would be fun to write some reviews of these games (before or after they come out). I participate in a wide variety of miniature games, board games and card games. One thing you will not find on my blog are Magic: The Gathering reviews. I do not play; I used to play but that was way back in the day (beta). I will also be showcasing miniatures that I have painted, miniature painting techniques I learn, and miniature bases I design (with or without how-to's).

Currently I am involved as a volunteer for Wyrd Miniatures in their Henchman program and paint for commissions (if I like you and the price is right). Any miniatures featured on this site are painted by me unless i state otherwise, so if you choose to feature them anywhere please give credit where credit is due.

I hope that my reviews are helpful and that you enjoy any eye candy I might post. Also if you want me to review something feel free to send it to me. Email me and I'll get back to you with my contact information.

Please feel free to look around and leave your comments, ideas, questions, and snide remarks on my posts! Just please also be respectful and appropriate. No promises on how often I'm going to update- I'm also in school and working full time.

Peace out and i hope that your dungeon faring yields treasure and successful encounters!

- Steve (MDX)

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