Saturday, April 30, 2011

Comic Con : Boston

Whew! It has been a long while. My apologizes for my frail promises of reviews and updates on the blog. Handcannon has been keeping me busy and on top of that finals is around the corner. Thankfully Comic con decided to show up this weekend and I found myself there!

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the Operation Comix Relief. These super ladies were thankfull enough for my donation that they took a picture with me. What can I say, Marvel? DC? I swing both ways.

 Guess my wife should have come with me...

There was also a fun little booth at the entrance way where you could shoot storm troopers with Nerf guns! Oh ya, red,? blue? nope, my laserz are orange! A little further down we saw these guys, I ain't afraid of no 80's nostalgia! 

Um, I think there may be a problem with the guy in the middle...

On to the Exhibit hall! It was full of magic, wonder and a duckfull of comic books. The prices were amazing and I was super sad because all those Stephen King Dark Tower comics I bought last year were on sale for $5! Oh sad day. I picked up a few single comics and SkyPirates. I have been meaning to check this out for a while. The Folks there did not disapoint. I picked up the graphic novel, the next two comics and got a free tote bag with a sky pirates logo on it for $20. Super great. 

Meanwhile back in the convention hall, we were too late for the "How to draw comics like a bad ass" with Cho seminar. But that's ok, I hung out with the Hippo from bird man for a while! 

Hmm what to do next? Oh ya go check out the artist alley! Oh man am I glad I did that. Guess who was there? Stan Sakai! The guy who wrote/drew/created Usagi Yojimbo!! The very best samurai comic ever. Stan was super nice and I was kinda non-verbal. I bought one of his sketchbooks and he autographed my 2nd print graphic novel #1, and by autographed I mean he drew me the Samurai  and signed it ! It was quite wonderful to watch him draw the valiant samurai in fluid strokes and in only 30 seconds. While others just got Usagi's head I got the whole bunny!

That's Stan, hes just a cool guy drawing with his pencils and his Keropi pencil box. That. Is. Awesome.

Im pretty sure this was the highlight for me. 

Next up I found Jubilee and Black canary rocking it new school.

Kinda glad she dropped the yellow coat...

Also got to meet Tim Sale and I got a signed Amazing Spiderman from him. Before leaving I stopped by the Comacazi booth and The New England Comic booth to say hi to my favorite employees, friends and comic suppliers. I also caught a glimpse of these guys before I left. 

Glad to see everyone getting along. 

All in all i had a very nice time at the Con. It was much smaller than the other cons I usually frequent ( Pax and Gen con) but a great time non the less. I didn't get to see any of the panels ( there was only one going on at a time) but I got to meet some awesome comic artists (Sale and Sakai only a couple). The only thing i regret is that i could not find Batman Superman Annual #4. Guess I'll have to troll the net for it instead.

The Future:
Still workin' on those miniatures. I hope to double post a few things on this blog and Handcannon soon. In the works is a gator man army (Hordes), still finishing up those Anima models, and I have some Uncharted seas. 

Peace out and keep on baggin those back issues, 

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