Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sorry or The Heartfelt Apology

No, I am not apologizing to anyone.

Recently I was suckered into into playing that old family game Sorry!. While this is generally a fun game for most people, in the face of the other games I play, I felt like I was playing the adult version of Candy Land. 

There were no dice, just cards. The cards told me what to do, but they weren't funny, the art sucked and the rules were way to straight forward.  Then the game was over.  Then my wife said, "let's play again", and i thought, greaaaaat.... That wasn't the end of her sentence though. The end was, "and let's make up a rule to rotate the board." Yes, that is the beautiful woman I married.

My brain started whirring immediately. I mean, I came up a way to play table top diablo with the old GW Lord of the Rings rules. Sorry! would be a piece of cake.

Thus the game "A Heartfelt Apology" was born. This is simply the game of Sorry! with a twist. When someone draws a 5, they must move one of their pieces if possible and you rotate the board 90 degrees clockwise. After this happens each player is playing a new color ( the one in front of them).

Well this turned out to be tons of fun. The game can go either very long, or medium length, depending on weather the people want to screw over everyone or weather everyone works towards winning. There is also a little more strategy involved now. You have to think about what might happen if you end up switching colors and what you should do with your pieces in relation to the other players.  The one little catch to this rule is that if someone draws a 5 to put their last peice into home the board is then rotated and the player to their left wins. Also, when a 5 is drawn someone must say "Change Places!" in a mad hatteresque way.

So i just thought I would share this new way to play sorry with you guys. We had a lot of fun playing it. Give it a try, you might end up killing each other. Seriously though, have fun, be safe and keep sharp pointy things away from the players.

Peace out,
Steve (Who opened the glass casket and found a paintbrush.)

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