Sunday, March 13, 2011


Welcome back, everyone. It's been a little while since I last updated. It is Sunday night and I just got back from a wonderful weekend at PAX-East. So here is my rundown of the Con; however, I must issue a disclaimer. I am not someone who is overly concerned with video games, thus the primary focus of this update will be my goings-on at the miniature alley area. I will go over some cool video game stuff I saw, but it will be at best an awestruck and uniformed opinion.

So on to the wonderful things. When I first entered the convention center this is the sight that confronted me and many others.
It's a good thing Ramona was there with Gideon. He might have been a real tool but Ramona and he quickly dispatched the Bioshock monster.

 Being the hopeless Scott Pilgrim fan that I am, these were easily my favorite costumes.

Anyway, let's start with the place that I spent the majority of time at the Cool Mini or Not Booth. Here is where I was demoning Super Dungeon Explore and Malifaux for most of the convention.

Super Dungeon Explore Special Sneak Peek! 

The Girl Super Dungeon Explore shirt as modeled by my hot wife.

So there has been A LOT of work done on this game recently. I am not going to go into specifics. Instead, I will introduce you to the masterminds behind it and show you some uncaptioned pictures that you may interpret at your discretion.

First, we have the masterminds behind it all: John, Chris and Deke. Unfortunately, Deke was a little too wily for me to get a picture of him, but here are John and Chris.

These three guys were great. I had a wonderful time demoing with them and conversing about the creation of SDE and it's future. These three men are brains of the operation. I g,ot in on some ground level super secret info about the game and I will share none of it with you. Why you ask? Well because I would be hunted down by Relic Knights and strung up by my ears as an example to all. So instead, I will show you pictures that anyone who went to PAX-East would have been able to see had they come by and said hi to me or one of the two beautiful women I was demoing with (the talent).

On to the shinies!

Um, those weren't in the demo rules....

Hmmm, that sure looks like more than 5 heroes to me....

He just looks like he wants a hug.

So cute you won't even notice them gnawing on your shin guards... killing one of these is just like clubbing a baby harp seal.

Sorry everyone, but the stats are edited so don't bother to try and get a closer look

We were giving everyone a slated release time for the starter of around August or September.


If you had stopped by the Cool Mini or Not Booth you would have seen me demoing one of my other favorite games: Malifaux. Pretty straight forward on this one. I put pretty models out and people came to learn to play! 

Needless to say, there was a lot of Malifaux moved at the convention. 

On to the Rest:

The rest of the convention was a kick too. I didn't see too much 'cause I was too busy playing games and demoing, but I did get some cool pictures of things that I thought were pretty cool. Let's start off with a small wonder that was being sold by Child's Play, the charitable organization: a cookie in a cookie! this blew my mind more than a lot of the awesome video games that were there. 

The Plants Vs. Zombie people were there too! They brought plants and, um, zombies.

They also had a kick-butt advertising idea. They had people wear little paper traffic cone hats that had plants and or zombies on them. They were really cool, but unfortunately, my friend from Cali, who was with the Soda Pop crew, had some difficulty figureing out how to wear them. 

Well, I did manage to get about 3 or so hours in the Expo hall. I saw the many adventures of Barry Steakfries at the Halfbrick booth. They produce games such as Age of Zombies, which features a Zombie T-Rex (because a regular dinosaur isn't awesome enough). Then I looked up and was horrified to see a giant Pokemon, but then I realized it wasn't real and my nightmare had not come true. 

There were a lot of really great games that were previewed and demoed there. My favorite thing that I saw was "Star Wars: The Old Republic". The intro video was amazing. I sat in awe of the storm trooper/ Jedi battle that took place and quite honestly it made me want to buy the game and a system to play the game on. There were also some cool fighting games, like Arcana Hearts, that I got to see. I am a big fan, but unfortunately, I am getting to that age where my friends don't play them anymore.

So come Sunday I had finished my demoing shift plus two and a half hours... and I'm taking one last walk around the expo and who do run into at the Munchkin stand? Steve Jackson! He was really nice and took a picture with me.

If you don't know who Steve Jackson is, your probably not reading this blog.

In the End: 

In the end, I would like to thank the folks at Cool Mini or Not, Soda Pop Miniatures, and Kevin from the Warstore. Without them I would not have had a badge for this event and would probably have just sat at home painting not even knowing what I was missing. Please go check out all their websites. They all sell amazingly high quality products, in my opinion. I know I picked up some awesome minis I will be painting up. Thank you to all the people that came by for a demo too.

Future posts:

I got to play some awesome games at PAX-East. Among them was Yomi, an almost-finalized version of Pocket Kung Fu and We Didn't Play Test This At All (WDPTTAA). I will be doing an in-depth review of Yomi soon, and when PKF has it's finalized rules, I'll give you the run down on it and WDPTTAA. Hopefully I will be getting some games of Anima in this week or next, but I am swamped! I'm backlogged in painting commissions and I have a Malifaux tournament to run at the Hobby Bunker this Sunday. Either way though, you will get something next week! 

Signing off for now, keep poppin' those sodas, 

Steve (your guide to 8-bit dungeon crawling)


  1. It was a great time and you sir were awesome. Cant wait till next year when we make it bigger!

  2. Man I want to go there next year!

    Those malifaux boards are awesome? I didn't know you could play on such a small surface, I would love to make one of those, do you know the size?

  3. You should have asked Steve if he was going to bring back the old Fighting Fantasy books with (last time I checked) Eidos Director Ian Livingstone.

    I loved those as a kid. I'm sure they'd be easy to market to the current generation of anime weaboos and Harry Potter sados ;)

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  5. One of the Super Dungeon Explore guys is a regular at one of my LGSs! Those are some awesomely cute and fantastic models in person. And I've really only seen them in that flat red color myself.

  6. I will be sure to post any super dungeon explore stuff I paint up as soon as i can ( have nothing else right now). But if you want to see some alt color schemes for kobolds and heroes check out an earlier blog post. ( thanks for the comments everyone)

  7. Thanks for posting the Super Dungeon Explorer stuff, that's going to make an awesome set.

    I actually played Dark Age on that table that you are playing Malifaux on.