Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blood Bowl - Guess I am a little late

 The original Fantasy Football

So I learned how to play Blood Bowl today. I don't really feel the need to write a review of it though. I mean come on, it's Blood Bowl. This is a game that can make the laziest of GW gamer paint an entire force, including side line pieces! It's been out since 1986 and honestly, it's still doing well.

I guess it is ok that I arrived a little late to this one, I mean I was three when it came out. Not exactly a coherent age for Blood Bowl. I was just lucky if I didn't fall down the stairs back then. I mean this game has been around for ever and there are still avid league players. I know a guy who doesn't paint anything, but he has a fully painted Blood Bowl team.

Anyway, Scott runs one of these active leagues. In fact, he has 18 of the 21 teams available. He can in fact supply an entire league. Thus, Scott was the logical person to teach me blood bowl in the intermittent time between when we get our Rusted Heroes campaign going (never thought I would be saying that).

Yes Scott and I are that awesome.

Anyway Scott and I had a rousing game of Blood Bowl. I played the Skaven (because I have always wanted to play them but never wanted to paint the hordes of rats needed to), and Scott played the ambling dwarves (though his primary team are the Orcs). The game ended in a tie since it was slow going and we both had to go after both halves were played. I had a wonderful time playing, it's truly a great game. Except for one thing. 

Gimpy. Number 11. The reason for this blog post. Gimpy the rat plays as a lineman for the Albion Squirrels ( an homage to my Alma Mater and what their football team SHOULD have been called).
This is Gimpy, he can go F*** himself. I painted him tonight.

Gimpy had a good start to the game. He knocked out a few Dwarves, made some pockets and was generally mediocre. He was in a great position to be noticed by no one. To remain forever unpainted. Then the last quarter of the last half started, it was tied one to one. A Dwarf got blindsided and fumbled the ball. Then an intrepid thrower dodged into open field, ran forward, grabbed the ball (next to two dwarves) and threw a  perfect long pass to the wide open Gimpy. Then gimpy dropped the ball.
Well there was only one dwarf to stop the ol' Gimp and he ran up and knocked both himself and gimpy down. Gimpy then stood up and tried to grab the ball, and dropped it... 
Then another dwarf hit gimpy and knocked him down. 
But Gimpy got up! He dodged onto the ball despite the dwarf next to him! He picked up the ball despite the dwarf next to him! and then he fell flat on his face and the half was over... 
 Stupid rat. Dumb, stupid, stupid *expletive deleted* rat! 
The endzone was right there, you had three turns!!  

Thus Gimpy went down in infamy. Scott and I were roaring as I rolled 1 after 1 after 1 and getting funny looks from the customers. Gimpy's failure was so epic Scott let me take him home and paint him. And I did. 
All in all my Blood Bowl experience was a good one. I plan to join the league and never pass to gimpy again. Gimpy dropped more balls than the Colts! So if you have not played Blood Bowl go find a grizzly veteran and give it a shot. It is a good ol' time and is a quality game. Feel the 80's goodness and your retro paint job on! 
Eye Candy 
As promised here is some more eye candy! 
Sir Lessen Lordbane (Rusted Heroes)
 Sir Zien the Lion 

 and finaly a Bard Mousling! 

Until next time all you readers out there in internet land, don't drop the ball!

-Steve (a Detroit Lions fan. No seriously, I am.)

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  1. Its never too late to start playing (and loving) Blood Bowl!!!

    I hope Gimpy goes onto the progress well - I have a star Gutter Runner on my Skaven team "Ratsack Rebels" who has a Mv boost, and Ag boost, Sprint and catch. He is a 1 turn score master!