Thursday, March 15, 2012

P.A.C.K Mini Review

When I go to my gaming store I do so on foot. I do not currently own a car because I do not need one. However, this means that sometimes it is tough to take my minis with me when I go to game. I need to travel low profile. This means I do not like things that do not fit in my backpack. I do not like things that have a company logo on them that is explicitly gaming. This is for style and safety reasons. Plus a lot of the games I play now don't require a ton of miniatures. No giant Warhammer armies or even a lot of Warmachine stuff.

So when I went to the Battlefoam website and saw the P.A.C.K mini I kind of got excited. It is super small and low profile. It is about the size of a hardcover book and 2 or so inches thick. This is great I thought! But then I clicked on the you tube video Battlefoam put up.

Well after watching that I felt like I was being upsold. They totally dogged their own product! "Pluck foam is a drag" the girl says, and when the guy talked about it he basically implied that it was only good for Blood Bowl.

Way to pimp your own product Battlefoam. My sarcasm wouldn't even confuse Sheldon Cooper I'm laying it on so thick.

Well despite the horrible sales pitch I decided to go for it anyway, even though shipping costs sucked.

Boy am I glad I did. I freaking love this thing. It is everything I wanted in a miniature carrying case. Being the size of  a book means I can take it with me and take my school books and rule books too! The case is sturdy and really protects the stuff inside too.

Not to mention the room. Oh the beautiful room. There are 14 normal basic figure sized slots and 4 large slots. There are also two pockets in it, one on the inside and one on the outside. But, wait there is more. The P.A.C.K mini comes with two other foam trays too, one with pluck foam and one for hobby tools.

Personally I think that's pretty awesome. There is also a place for a buisness card so everyone knows it's yours. I sure have mine in there. Currently the case is holding my entire Blood Bowl Team ( GOOOOOO Albion College Fighting Squirrels), my 10 piece Dragon Knights warband (including Rathar who is on a 35mm base) and there are still open slots! I plan to effectively use it for my MERCS, Alkemy (review to come soon!), and even some Malifaux stuff. The pockets currently contain my Dragon Knight cards and Blood bowl roster. They were a happy little discovery when I got the bag since it wasn't addressed in the Battlefoam video.

Sure you can't carry a Dreadnaught in this thing, but if you are playing Warhammer this probably isn't the case for you. If you are one of the many people who commute via train, foot or bus and play the small skirmish games that keep gaining in popularity, this is the case for you. In the words of Peter Griffin it's Frickin sweet!

In other news: 

Updates will be sporadic for a month or two unfortunately. It's almost grad school application season and I am studying for the GRE.

The Albion College Fighting Squirrells had an amazing game against the Wood elf Naughty Nymphs recently. The game was epic enough to have most of the other league members watching it as the last turn rolled around and Gaston the Gutterunner ran the ball in for a touchdown, winning the game! Their record stands at 2-1 for the season so far. But this certainly promises to be a great season.

I managed to my hands on a couple of Alkemy starter sets so there should be a review of that in about a month ( lord knows I don't see too much reviewing of that game). June will see a great new Quarriors expansion released too (Don't worry I still plan on reviewing the most recent expansion).

As far as eye candy goes, here are the Albion College Fighting Squirrels!

Until next time all you readers out there in internet land, I am signing off!

Peace out,
Steve (taking the train to game!)

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